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We’re all learning to adapt to the current environment. Amidst everything that’s going on, we believe that physical and mental wellbeing is more important than ever. We’re so glad that we can continue to stand by your side and support you during these times and through this blog.

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tonika health / 12.12.2023

12 Dec 2023
Blood deficiency in CM (Chinese medicine) is a very common diagnosis that can result in many signs and symptoms. While most people equate Blood deficiency with anaemia, in CM there is a much broader meaning and function associated with this diagnosis. Although most people that are Blood deficient have some type of anaemic condition, this CM diagnosis refers to the state of the body’s overall blood and bodily fluids. The Blood has many functions which include moistening the tissues, nourishing the cells and organs, warming the body, circulating vital substances (e.g. oxygen, nutrients, hormones), and anchoring the spirit or ‘Shen’. If the Blood is not functioning properly, or there is not enough of it to fulfil these functions effectively, many symptoms may arise as a result.
tonika health / 26.10.2023

16 Oct 2023

7 Myths on Natural Therapies Busted..

  There is a lot of unjust and false speculation about the efficacy of natural therapies including acupuncture, herbal medicine, and massage. Below we will provide information to debunk some of the common myths we hear about natural therapies.  
tonika health / 22.02.2023

22 Feb 2023
Fatigue is something that everyone will experience at several points in their lives. It is most often a result of poor diet, lifestyle, emotional factors, or a side effect of medication(s). Sometimes fatigue can be a symptom of an underlying illness or condition that requires treatment, meaning fatigue is not the condition itself (not to be confused with chronic fatigue syndrome). Nonetheless, reduced levels of vitality can have a debilitating impact on so many areas of our lives. All the potential factors leading to reduced vitality are many and varied, so we can’t go into all areas in this article, however, below, we will discuss a couple of the major factors that influence vitality levels. If we can get our diet and lifestyle on track, we may find that we can easily reduce fatigue and boost energy and vitality levels naturally, therefore these are the main factors we will cover in this article.
tonika health / 30.01.2023

  massage with oil
30 Jan 2023
There is no doubt that the way we live in this modern world puts a great deal of stress on our mind and body. Our demanding daily lives, the fast paced and overwhelming urban environments we live in, and the stress we place on ourselves to succeed or perform. These pressures can throw us out of balance, create high stress levels that build up over time, and eventually cause disharmony or 'dis-ease'.
tonika health / 20.12.2022

20 Dec 2022
Firstly, a pathogen is a virus, bacteria or other microorganism that causes disease or unwellness to a host. When our body is attacked by an external pathogen, our immune system gears up to fight off the organism. If the body is unable to completely fight off the pathogen, it will remain in the body (or various locations in the body and its tissues) and continue to cause damage in various ways. This is a lingering pathogen. Ancient principles of Chinese medicine leading back to the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 CE) and further, teach us that these situations involving lingering pathogens need to be resolved to restore health.
tonika health / 05.12.2022

hot water bottle on abdomen
5 Dec 2022
Did you know that your hot water bottle can do a lot more than keep you warm? If you use certain body hacks with your hottie, it can have some amazing healing effects. Applying heat to the differing parts of the body causes the blood vessels to dilate and promotes blood circulation. This increased blood flow delivers oxygen and nutrient rich blood to the targeted area. This physiological function is crucial to help relax muscles, soothe aches and pains, heal damaged tissue, and maintain healthy function of the cells. Chinese medicine also states that warmth is ideal to promote optimum flow of Qi and Blood throughout the body. Specific applications of heat are also used to help nourish organs and structures that need support.
tonika health / 15.11.2022

Salt Bath Therapy
15 Nov 2022

There are very few things in life that are as comforting as a good night’s sleep, so it is no coincidence that sleep is one of the most important biological functions for health maintenance and healing. Sleep is crucial for proper physical recovery, brain development, and maintaining memory and concentration. It’s also essential for cardiac function, metabolism, cellular repair, hormonal health, and many other things. This salt foot bath recipe is a wonderfully soothing way to ensure you're sleeping effectively.

tonika health / 03.08.2022

pre-conception for men
3 Aug 2022

Pre-conception care is what future parents can do to maximise the possibility of a successful pregnancy and to assist in the healthy development of the child in utero. This is equally as important for both men and women and should start well before a couple is trying to conceive.

tonika health / 28.07.2022

gua sha
28 Jul 2022

Gua sha seems to be all the rage at the moment, and you can find plenty on social media about the benefits of Gua Sha. Did you know that Gua Sha treatments are a time-honoured technique that has been around for thousands of years? The technique is essentially a tool-assisted type of massage that gently or firmly (depending on the condition) “scrapes/frictions, rubs or pushes” the skin, fascia and muscle of affected regions to improve and regulate blood circulation, reduce pain, induce collagen production and speed healing. 

tonika health / 10.06.2022

Winter Health
10 Jun 2022

In Chinese Medicine, Winter is the utmost Yin time of the year and is the time of stillness. It is the time to move inside and practice stillness. Winter health is connected with the Kidneys, Adrenals and Bladder in our body, so it is important to ensure these organs are nourished during this season.