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tonika health is not just a clinic. We also provide valuable reading and practical resources i.e. our blog that provides valuable health tips for our community in Sydney and Surry hills. Our blog and our newsletter contain tips, tricks and information about how to get well and stay well. We use Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Therapeutic Massage and Diet as our main methodologies. To know more about our blog, please feel free to click the links below.

We’re all learning to adapt to the current environment. Amidst everything that’s going on, we believe that physical and mental wellbeing is more important than ever. We’re so glad that we can continue to stand by your side and support you during these times and through this blog.

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tonika health / 12.01.2022

pulse diagnosisChinese Medicine, pulse diagnosis involves examining the pulse in each wrist by placing three fingers at the radial artery 🤲

This method is thousands of years old and has been recorded in ancient Chinese medicine texts. It has also been refined by many Masters across time. There are several excellent methods of pulse diagnosis and we are demonstrating one method or style of pulse diagnosis in this blog article.

tonika health / 10.11.2021

green-vegetablesSo, we are well into spring, and past the spring equinox, and on our way to welcoming the summer. While we are still enjoying spring time, which is represented by the Wood Element (and Green Colour) in the Chinese Medicine theory of the 5 Elements (Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water), I thought I would provide some perspectives on Chinese Medicine’s thoughts on Spring, green foods, and the green colour in nature, and its benefits.

tonika health / 26.09.2021

healingMusic is Medicine! 🎶 It was a strong belief in Ancient China that music had the power of healing. Chinese music, for example, uses a pentatonic scale, with five musical tones that are connected to the Five Elements (according to Chapter 5 of the Nei Jing Su Wen – an ancient classic of Chinese Medicine principles).
Peter Scarsellettti / 11.09.2021

Boost your healthThe where, why and how to boost your health

It is important to boost your health during Autumn, Winter and Spring. Due to the earth’s tilt position in relation to the Sun (in each of those seasons), we experience certain types of weather from moderate to cold. In Winter, the weather is usually cold. During Spring and Autumn we usually have weather that may fluctuate from warm to cold in short spaces of time, which the body finds challenging to adapt to. It’s in these 3 seasons of the year that we need to be versatile with layering of clothing to protect certain aspects of our body that are susceptible to cold temperatures, and movements of wind and air (that affect temperature on the surface of the skin). This can have very important effects on our general health, and our musculoskeletal health.

Renee Zamel / 04.09.2021

Anti-AgeingMany people assume that the best anti-ageing products contain scientifically advanced formulas that stand at the forefront of anti-ageing technology. Little do they know that nature has provided us with some of the most effective ingredients to fight the ageing process and promote longevity. 

The role of organic foods in the anti-ageing process 

Ageing is a process that occurs within all of us. There are, however, steps we can take to fight degeneration, maintaining a healthy and balanced diet that provides us with the right sources of nutrition to help our bodies heal themselves and age well.

tonika health / 16.08.2021

With many of us spending more time indoors than we are used to, it is becoming more common to see the musculoskeletal effects that sitting for large spans of time is having on the people in our community. In fact, many people are complaining about back pain from sitting too long!

Times where we would usually be moving about to get to work have been replaced with simply walking to the home office and sitting down. While we’re sure many of you relish not having a daily commute to and from work, prolonged sitting at home is becoming more and more the new normal these days.

Peter Scarsellettti, Renee Zamel / 03.08.2021

Mental wellbeing with the inner smileHow the inner smile is good for your health & mental wellbeing!

The smile is one of the most powerful energies of personal power. The true inner smile is the smile of total happiness and mental wellbeing. It is not a social smile, but one that rises from deep within the cells and organs of the body.

According to certain Daoist self-cultivation masters, it is said that when you smile, your organs release beneficial secretions, which nourish the whole body and can make a difference to your mental wellbeing.

Renee Zamel / 26.04.2021

Shiatsu MassageHi all! Renee here, your friendly shiatsu massage therapist at tonika health. We all know that modern life is stressful. Our demanding daily lives, the fast paced and overwhelming urban environments we live in, the widespread insecurities of the covid pandemic. These things can unsurprisingly throw us out of balance, create high stress levels that build up over time, and eventually cause disharmony or 'dis-ease'. Stress does creeps up on us over time, often manifesting in minor symptoms like fatigue, racing thoughts at night and digestive discomfort. But it can also develop into more serious chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, anxiety, migraines, insomnia and immune issues.