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Therapeutic Massage Sydney

Update: Our fabulous massage therapists, Eiko and Dane, are both available for appointments. This means that if you are looking for Massage in Sydney you are now spoilt for choices. Please book your appointments here.

What is Massage?

Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (such as tendons, ligaments and fascia) for therapeutic or relaxation purposes.

Hands are primarily used in massage therapy. In addition to hands, forearms, elbows, and instruments can also be used to apply different intensity and pressure during treatment.

Popular Massage Techniques

Using a variety of techniques, massage therapists knead, rub or tap areas of the body to improve circulation, relieve pain and tenderness, reduce stress, increase flexibility and relax the whole body by targeting the skeletal, circulatory, muscular, fascial, lymphatic, and nervous systems. The overarching aim of the massage is to help promote general wellness with a healing touch. Following are the popular types of massages:

Remedial Massage


Swedish Massage


Shiatsu massage

Hot stone therapy


Pregnancy massage

Trigger point massage

Lymphatic drainage

Ayurvedic massage

Regional methodologies like Lomi Lomi, Kahuna, Thai, Balinese Massage etc. (These methodologies may include a mix of the above techniques plus some unique strokes)


What to expect when you visit a remedial massage therapist while having Massage in Sydney.

Before Massage

To get the most out of a remedial massage, it is important that you know what you wish to achieve from the session. It may be to assist your general health & wellbeing. And also be to relieve specific, aching muscles or general stiffness in your body.

You should tell your massage therapist about any other health issue(s) that you may be experiencing.

During Massage

In your first session, the therapist will determine your treatment goals. They will also undertake a general assessment which may include postural and structural assessment. This is when you can mention any specific complaints that you wish to address. After that, once you lie down on the massage table for treatment, the therapist may perform diagnostic strokes on various parts of your body. This is to determine levels of tension in your body and the state of your muscles.

A towel will cover you for most of the session. The therapist will expose only the areas that they will be working on. The therapist may use a suitable oil or cream, and a variety of techniques to remedy your problem and to soothe your problem areas.

The massage therapist can work with a variety of pressures. This is because different bodies/clients require different types of pressure and strokes. if you feel any discomfort during your massage session, please feel free to tell your massage therapist. They can alter their strokes or vary their pressures.

After Massage

For certain types of treatments, it is possible that you feel some soreness or tenderness a few days after your massage therapy session. Please feel free to ask your therapist, how to take care of your body after your treatment.

Why tonika health is good for Massage in Sydney and surrounding suburbs?

At tonika health, we have ambient music, controllable soothing lighting and quiet rooms with maintained temperature. This means that you will have the best therapeutic massage experience in Sydney.

About Dane, Our Massage Therapist

Over Dane’s 12+ years in the industry as a massage therapist, he has formed a unique style. His unique style consists of Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology techniques. He combines his styles for his clients based on their individual needs.

Dane caters for all massage requirements (remedial, general, sports, and relaxation) of his clients. In addition, if you are specifically seeking a firm massage, make sure you book in for an appointment with Dane!

Dane’s journey into the healing professions started at the early age of 6. This is when he started to realise his potential with his innate massage skills. He started practicing on family members and friends and cultivating and developing those skills throughout his formative years. Dane culminated his studies at the Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies in his adult years.

From there, he never looked back. With most of Dane’s family working in the health industry since he was born, you might say Dane was destined to be in the healing professions.

Dane is also an experienced fitness instructor who uses a holistic approach at targeting specific needs for his clients. Frequently, Dane provides therapeutic exercise recommendations for his massage clients, which assists them in their healing journey.

Dane believes in communication and empathy toward his clients to find the right solution in correcting body ailments.

When Dane is not at tonika health, you will find him doing strength training at the gym, spending time with family and friends, or relaxing with his 3 cats.