Why tonika health?

  1. We give you our guarantee

    We’re confident you’ll be happy with tonika health. Within three consultations we are certain that you will be noticing positive changes with your health. We will give you a realistic treatment plan to follow to achieve your health goals. If we don’t believe we can help you, we won’t take you on as a client and we will refer you to someone within our network who will be able to help you.

  2. You have our ear

    We’ll listen and we’ll make sure we truly understand your story. Then we can relate to you personally, communicate effectively and provide solutions that are relevant to you. We’re all experienced therapists and may even have been through some of the same struggles ourselves.

  3. We’re sensible, smart and tenacious

    We’re not into the latest fads, hype or bogus tests. We share our own knowledge, experience and research with you to make sure you get the right results. And we know that one size doesn’t fit all. Health looks different on everybody and so does the way there. We think outside the box to find the best solutions for you.

  4. You’ll be cared for

    Your health is our priority and we want you feeling your best, always. We proceed on the basis that we’ll be working together for the long haul – building true health for you now and into the future.

  5. We’re an ethical practice

    tonika health is committed to sustainability. Our clinic has been renovated to the strictest standards of healthy building, and reusing and recycling are taken seriously. Electricity comes from solar panels on our roof and the toilets and washing machine run on rainwater. Our team contributes to the happy, healthy workplace environment to which we are all committed. We see ourselves as healthy members of the Surry Hills community and take pleasure in cooperating with local businesses and charities.