Need to find us? Want to know more about fees and the use of your health fund? Or perhaps you have the same questions as others about tonika health. Hopefully we have the answers for you here:

Our Fees

tonika health proposes fair, reasonable and competitive fees for our services. Currently our fees are:


Peter Scarselletti (Available Wednesday-Saturday)

Veronika Peovska (Available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday)

  • Initial consult

    < 90 minutes

  • Regular follow up

    < 60 minutes



Eiko Oki (Available Sunday-Tuesday)

  • 45 minutes

    Suitable only for specific situations where a shorter treatment may be recommended - by special request only

  • 70 minutes

    Most suitable for either upper or lower body or deep work on 1-2 specific problem areas

  • 90 minutes

    Most suitable for minimum holistic full body treatments

  • 120 minutes

    Most suitable for maximum holistic full body treatments


(Surcharge will apply on public holidays)

How to contact us?

The most convenient way to make an appointment is to use our online booking system. You can immediately see available time slots and reserve the most suitable slot for you.

tonika health is by appointment only. We don’t accept walk-ins as we are usually fully booked – sorry!

For more information, you can read about our tonika guarantee.

Please try not to reschedule. We are a busy practice and rescheduling makes it really hard for us to use our time efficiently and provide our clients with meaningful treatment plans. If you cancel any appointment with less than three business days’ notice, we’ll have to charge you the full fee for the appointment (for full cancellation policy see below).

If you do need to change any appointments, you can also do so online up to a week before your appointment. After that, you’ll have to get in contact with us. Please do NOT reply to the appointment reminders. Instead, you can contact your practitioner directly on their email address ‘first name’@tonikahealth.com.au.

Prefer to call?
Call us on (02) 9211 3329 and leave a message if we’re not available. If we’re busy with patients, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Cancellation Policy

This policy is in place so we can help all our clients get appointments when they need them.

Some people don’t realise how much cancellations or rescheduling affects everyone. We kindly ask you to please avoid rescheduling.

We charge our full fee for any appointments missed or cancelled with less than three business days’ notice. When you give appropriate notice, it hopefully allows us to use that time to help someone else get better or out of pain. It may seem strict, but it also allows us to keep our prices fair and accessible instead of putting prices up for everyone.

At the same time we understand that things don’t always go to plan. We therefore allow one exception under specific circumstance only.

So this is how missed appointments or those cancelled with short notice are handled at tonika health for everyone:

First time: We will charge our full fee. Exceptions may be permitted at the discretion of the treating practitioner.

Second time: We will charge our full fee.

Third time: We will not make any more appointments with you.

For no-shows or “last-minute” cancellation notice where our therapists are not able to fill that appointment slot due to short cancellation notice, we will also charge a full fee.

Legitimate COVID-19 related cancellations: We accept short notice cancellations in the case of COVID positive test results. For further details on our COVID-19 policy, please click here.


As nationally registered health professionals, our acupuncturists Peter and Veronika follow the codes and guidelines set out by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). For more information follow this link. If you have any questions or concerns with our registered health professionals, please contact us directly, or contact our professional association AACMA or the national governing body for healthcare practitioners, AHPRA.

As per the Public Health Regulation 2022, we display this mandatory code of conduct that applies to our general healthcare practitioners. Follow the link to view the code of conduct. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our general healthcare practitioners, please contact us directly or contact our professional association ATMS. The ATMS code of conduct can also be found here. For further information regarding healthcare practitioner complaints, please click here.

How to find us

tonika health is located at 391 Riley Street in Surry Hills, between Foveaux Street and Sophia Street. It’s diagonally across from The Forresters Hotel and a few doors down on Riley Street.

If you’re driving, please note that parking is mostly limited to one or two hours. Parking is available in the streets close to tonika health, but allow yourself time to find a spot.

It’s easy to get to us by public transport:

  • Take a train to Central Station. Use the Northern Concourse, exit 4 to the corner of Chalmers St and Elizabeth St. Walk 500 metres up Foveaux St, and turn right on Riley. It will take you about 10 minutes.
  • You can take bus routes 301, 302 and 303 and get off on Crown Street in Surry Hills, near the Surry Hills library.
  • You can also take bus routes 339, 374, 376 and 391. Get off at Albion Street, just before Crown Street, if you’re coming from the city, or on Crown Street at the corner of Foveaux if you’re coming from the east.

Questions you may have

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

No, you don’t. Make an appointment for yourself any time; booking online is the easiest way. We’re happy that many GPs, specialist doctors and other natural health practitioners regularly refer their patients to us, but you don’t need a referral.

Can I claim on my health fund for my visit?

Most private health funds cover massage therapy and acupuncture, so if you have the appropriate cover under your extras, you can claim for a visit. All our team members are fully registered providers with all Australian health funds. For most funds, you can only claim part of consultation fees, and not supplements or herbs. At tonika health, if you have a health fund and it covers relevant extras, you can claim on the spot with HICAPS and only need to pay the difference.

What happens during an acupuncture/Chinese medicine session?

When you arrive at the clinic your practitioner will invite you into the treatment room where they will conduct a comprehensive consultation that will involve discussion of your health history and primary complaints. 

After gathering relevant information your practitioner will use Chinese medicine diagnostic methods to assess your condition to form a diagnosis to determine how they will perform your treatment during the session. Some of the diagnostic techniques used will be tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, palpation of the abdomen and other acupuncture points, range of motion testing and more. 

After deciding on the type of treatment and potential treatment plan you require, your practitioner will perform an acupuncture treatment on you. At this time you may discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the treatment with your practitioner. They will then leave you to rest for a certain period of time in the room for the treatment to take effect. Your practitioner will safely remove the acupuncture needles at the end of your session and provide you with lifestyle, dietary and/or exercise advice to support/accelerate your treatment progress. 

They will also schedule you for your next appointment and give you an idea of the treatment plan that is suitable to help you reach your health goals. For more information on treatment plans please see this link. 

What happens during a massage session?

When you arrive at the clinic your practitioner will invite you into the treatment room where they will conduct a consultation that will involve discussion of your primary complaints and any relevant health history. 

After gathering relevant information and potentially checking range of motion and areas of pain and discomfort, your practitioner will decide on the type of massage that is right for you and commence your massage. During the first sections of the massage your practitioner will identify specific structures that require more attention for your body and this will guide them on how they will conduct the majority of the massage to provide the most significant therapeutic effect. Please note that certain massage methods utilised for specific problem areas may be sensitive or have slight discomfort whilst your practitioner is working through the tissues in your body that are requiring the most attention. 

Based on your progress gauged at the end of the session, your practitioner will suggest subsequent massage sessions for you and rebook you appropriately. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

It’s not absolutely necessary but it’s great if you can bring a copy of any medical tests you have had in the last two years.

If you do not have a copy at home, you can call your doctor and ask them for a copy to be sent to you or directly to us by mail and email. In future, when you have another test, please ask for a copy to be sent to yourself or us straight away. We always encourage people to keep a copy of all their medical tests for future reference.

For X-rays, ultrasounds, etc. a copy of the written report is usually sufficient.
We would also like to know about all supplements and medications you are currently or usually taking. If you bring in the containers of your supplements we can assess quality, exact composition and dose and also explain what to look out for.

How many sessions should I have?

After your first consultation or treatment, we can discuss what we can do for you and how long we expect that to take – and you can also decide whether you like our style and feel comfortable with us.

You should generally feel a noticeable improvement after about three sessions of massage or acupuncture. By then, you’ll know if you’re benefiting from the treatment. While acute symptoms often can be resolved quickly, the longer you’ve had something, the longer it normally takes to correct. If you have any further questions about ongoing appointments, please ask your practitioner and they will advise more specifically to your case.