Massage in Darlington

Welcome to tonika health, your premier destination for therapeutic massage in Darlington

Looking for a Massage in Darlington? Please visit “tonika health”. We are a closeby natural therapies clinic in Surry Hills since 2003.

“tonika health” provides various treatments, including therapeutic massage acupuncture, and herbal medicine. Therefore, you are always spoilt for the choice of treatment. This also means that we can heal you in many ways.

Our approach to healthcare is simple. – we provide the type of realistic, effective and caring service that we’d want if we were in your shoes. After all, when you’re healthy, we’re happy and the most important thing to us is your wellbeing.

If you need help in reaching us from Darlinghurst, you are on the right page. Because this page will tell you all about reaching us from where you are.

Therapeutic Massage at tonika health

As a client of tonika health, you’ll have support from our fabulous team. Our massage therapists are experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated practitioners. The massage you get from us supports your body’s natural healing mechanisms and creates long-lasting results. 

There’s a huge difference between what most people think of a massage. For some, it can be just a relaxing rub-down you might have while on holidays. However, therapeutic massage is what helps to support your own healing process, reduce aches and pains, increase the blood circulation and more.

Getting to tonika health for a massage in Darlington

We’re located at 391 Riley St, Surry Hills and are just a short trip from Darlington.

tonika health easy to get to from Darlington! We’re located at 391 Riley Street Surry Hills (between Foveaux Street and Sophia Street, and diagonally across from The Forresters Hotel a few doors down on Riley Street).

Driving to us from Darlington: We’re about a 10 minute drive, mainly down Cleveland St, depending where exactly in Darlington you’re coming from. If you’re driving, please note that parking is mostly limited to one or two hours. Parking is available in the streets close to tonika health, but allow yourself time to find a spot.

Walking to us from Darlington: You can also walk to us from Darlington. It’ll take you about 25-30 minutes depending on where you depart.

Getting the train from Darlington: Hop on at Redfern Station and hop off at Central Station. Use the Northern Concourse, exit 4 and head to the corner of Chalmers St and Elizabeth St. Walk about 500 metres up Foveaux St, and turn right on Riley Street. It’ll take you about a minute on the train (it’s only 1 stop) and then about 10 minutes to walk.

Getting the bus from Darlington: You can take various routes to get to us from Darlington. A popular option is the 352 route, which stops on Crown St and is only about a 3 minute walk to us.

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Making an appointment with tonika health

To book an appointment with us, just use our simple online booking system to find a date and time that suits you best:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on info@tonikahealth.com.au or 02 9211 3329.