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Sports Performance

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, tonika health can help improve your performance, prevent injury and speed up recovery. We provide specialised support for athletes, including masters, and take pride in providing excellent service to athletes from a range of different sports.

Specialised deep sports massage can free locked muscles, ease recurrent soreness and realign your body. We can design a treatment protocol specifically for you to achieve fast, effective relief from injury or pain. At the same time we will be addressing underlying biomechanical problems which may be  making you more susceptible. We’re also happy to give you tailored advice on posture, ergonomics and corrective stretches and exercises. Why not try us out? You’ll probably get something extra out of your body, scrunch crucial seconds and centimetres in performance, and lessen injuries or fatigue that interfere with your sport.

If need be, we can also advise you on exactly how to adjust your diet for sports performance or taking the right supplements to achieve and maintain ideal body composition throughout the different phases of the training cycle with advanced bio-impedance analysis, which is superior to body fat scales and less invasive than DEXA scans. Not only a qualified sports therapist, Daniela also has a diploma in nutrition with additional expert training in sports nutrition. She used to be a medal-winning sprinter herself in state, national and international competitions and therefore really gets the mindset of athletes and the importance of specific and timely performance. But all our therapists are well qualified to support you and address your needs in a multitude of ways.