Bad posture in front of a computer or laptop is common - and responsible for a lot of pain and wear and tear. We can help you resolve the problems you get from this and other posture mistakes.
Back and neck problems due to poor work ergonomics are common, but there are plenty of ways we can help
Many people experience things that impact their posture, including curved spines, however massage therapy and osteopathy can greatly help.
There are many factors impacting how you stand, including your shoulders and pelvis.
There are so many factors that impact posture, and we can help you address them all.

Poor posture is so common – and it’s responsible for so much pain! Not just from the strain and tension that you feel pretty immediately, but even more so in future from the unnecessary degeneration that it causes. You wouldn’t drive your car without the wheels being properly aligned, right? So why do you put so much unnecessary mechanical stress on your body?

Poor posture can obviously create neck, back and hip pain – but also headaches, constipation, insomnia, mood problems and even high blood pressure, to name a few. And what makes all this so problematic is that poor posture is incredibly common with most of us sitting so much every day – in front of computers for hours, then in the car, then slouching on the couch. And in between we add massive stress on our neck by staring down at our mobile devices constantly.

Apart from resolving pain and useless stress on your body, good posture makes you instantly taller
– taller
– feel better in your own skin
– more confident

So, what are you waiting for? With remedial massage with Eiko or Daniela, or shiatsu massage with Renee, you can treat these problems and prevent future ones. We will give you simple tips on how to improve your posture, along with other techniques and exercises to assist your recovery from injuries.

Expert bodywork is a way to stretch tissues in need of lengthening, mobilise those that have been neglected for too long or reduce the impact of intense exercise or repetitive work. We’ll work together with you to make sure pain and injuries do not come back. We can also give you specific exercise programs (often with videos) to help correct any functional problems. If you prefer, we work with an excellent network of very skilled personal trainers who we can refer you to for specific strength work.

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Good posture makes a huge difference to your health - but also makes you feel better and more confident.