The tonika health story / history

tonika health was founded in 2003 by naturopath and massage therapist, Daniela Osiander. Daniela opened tonika health with the vision of improving people’s lives through the knowledge of human health and helping to empower them to create and maintain vitality within themselves and the world around them.


Daniela is originally from Germany where she worked in the TV industry, mostly as a producer for animal programs. This role gave her the wonderful opportunity to travel the world and see much of its natural beauty – and unfortunately, all the threats to it. Eventually she moved to Sydney and retrained as a health professional. In this time she found her passion of educating people about the healing power of nature, our body’s incredible design, our innate ability for health. All while living in where she deemed as the ‘Lucky Country’: an astonishing combination of a free, prosperous, democratic society uniquely coexisting with a rich natural world and rare remaining true wilderness: Australia.


After 17 years of owning and operating tonika health, in 2019 Daniela made the tough decision to let go of the business and follow her passions of protecting and regenerating nature and exploring the Australian countryside.

In 2020, Daniela entrusted Peter Scarselletti, tonika health’s acupuncturist, to officially take over the business. Daniela identified Peter’s entrepreneurial spirit developed through his continuing professional development business, Qiology, combined with his caring nature and well-developed treatment skills honed through many years of experience in the Chinese medicine profession. Daniela decided that Peter would be the most suitable person to take over the practice and carry the torch for tonika health into the future.


Since then, tonika health has transformed into an acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and therapeutic massage clinic. To this day tonika health still operates in alignment with the original principles of practice that have existed since its inception. By upholding these standards, we can continue to provide the community of Surry Hills the same reliable and consistent healthcare services they deserve.