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Yoga, mindfulness and meditation are all great ways to promote calm and relaxation

Stress and Energy Levels

Do you often experience stress? Constantly tired? A bit anxious? So many of us are. It’s a modern affliction. Our team at tonika health can help. We offer a wide range of support to help you feel better in the short and long term.


Our Services that Help with Stress Levels

Acupuncture & Stress Relief

Acupuncture helps to balance the forces of yin and yang, which creates harmony, balance and peace within the physiological and energetic systems of the body. This may help to relieve those overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety. You’ll often hear people describe acupuncture as being deeply calming and relaxing. Acupuncture helps you to feel more harmonised, while also helping to boost your overall energy and ability to cope with the daily stressors of life.


Remedial Massage for Stress Relief

Ever noticed how being in pain or feeling unwell is really exhausting and how this affects your mood? The remedial massages that tonika health specialises in can effectively relieve problems from tightness, pain or injury, and have the knock-on effect of increasing your energy levels.


Herbal Medicine and Dietary Therapy

Herbal medicine and dietary therapy can also be a great help. A nutritious diet provides foundational support for you to function at best, experience optimal energy and bounce back during difficult times. During periods of fatigue and stressful circumstances, our body’s burn through more nutrients than usual. We can help you through such times with realistic, simple dietary advice to help replace the nutrients you may lack. We may also prescribe herbal prescriptions, which have been shown to help improve energy and relieve stress, anxiety and depression with results equal to pharmaceutical drugs, but without the side effects. Our acupuncturists will help you find out what works for you. Let us rebalance your mind and body, and boost your energy and ability to deal with stress.

Make an appointment with one of our therapists and reduce your stress today! Unsure who to book in with? Feel free to give us a call and we help advise what is most suitable for you.