Massage in Moore Park

Welcome to tonika health, your first choice for Therapeutic Massage in Moore Park

Searching for Massage in Moore Park? We are a natural therapies clinic in the heart of the wonderful Surry Hills, very close to Moore Park. This means that getting to us would be a breeze.

We offer therapeutic massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Since opening our doors in 2003, we’ve prided ourselves in giving you the results you want with the care you deserve. We’re also highly regarded in our local community, and numerous other practitioners and patients refer to us frequently.

Therapeutic Massage at tonika health

Would you like to solve a nagging health issue or pain? Or alternatively, you just want to feel better? Whatever is your objective, we make a difference in your health. We do this by guiding your body to a relaxed state so that it can heal.

Our massage therapists have many years of clinical experience and expertise behind them. There’s a huge difference between what most people think of a massage – a relaxing rub-down you might have while on holidays – and the therapeutic massage that is tonika health’s specialty. The massage you get from us supports your body’s innate healing mechanisms and creates long-lasting results. 

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Getting to tonika health for a Massage in Moore Park

Our wonderful clinic is located 391 Riley Street in Surry Hills, and we’re an easy trip from Moore Park. 

Driving to us from Moore Park: tonika health is only about a five-minute drive via Anzac Parade from Moore Park, depending on your exact location. If you are driving, we have some tips for you – spots are mainly limited to one or two hours and places are available in the streets around us, but make sure you give yourself enough time to find a spot!

Walking to us from Moore Park: You can also walk to us from Moore Park – it’ll only take you about 20-25 minutes depending on where you leave from.

Getting to us via bus from Moore Park: If you plan to use public transport to get to our clinic from Moore Park, we recommend getting a bus. There are various bus routes to get to us, including the 339, 374, 376 and 391. 

Getting to us via light rail from Moore Park: This is another option to make your way to tonika health. Hop on at the Moore Park Light Rail stop and hop off at the Surry Hills Light Rail Stop, then walk for about 4 minutes along Riley St to get to us.

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Making an appointment with tonika health

To book an appointment with us, just use our simple online booking system to find a date and time that suits you best:

Alternatively, you can get in touch with us on info@tonikahealth.com.au or 02 9211 3329.