Pre-Conception Care For Men

Pre-Conception Care For Men

pre-conception for men

3 Aug 2022

Pre-conception care is what future parents can do to maximise the possibility of a successful pregnancy and to assist in the healthy development of the child in utero. This is equally as important for both men and women and should start well before a couple is trying to conceive.




Here are some powerful preconception tips for men:

1. Eat a diet that is rich in nutrients, low in sugar and has a moderate amount of healthy fats

Good sperm count and its ability to reach the egg (motility) has been linked to higher intakes of fruit and vegetables. Meanwhile, foods that are high in unhealthy fats and refined sugar have been shown to decrease sperm quality.

2. Exercise regularly at a light to moderate intensity

Ideally, you should aim for 150 minutes of low to moderate intensity exercise per week. Think brisk walking or swimming instead of frequent high intensity exercise (which has been shown to negatively impact male fertility).

3. Reduce or quit smoking or vaping completely

For males, smoking or vaping has been shown to negatively impact sperm count and even increase defects of the sperm. There is evidence suggesting that smokers may take longer to conceive. It is recommended that you seek help from your GP if you are looking to quit smoking or vaping.

4. Reduce or completely quit drinking alcoholic beverages

Alcohol consumption can lead to testicular shrinking and may decrease testosterone concentration, which may negatively impact the health of the sperm. Reducing or stopping alcohol consumption is highly recommended when trying to conceive.

5. Reduce any exposure to toxic chemicals, pesticides, pollutants, heavy metals and electromagnetic radiation

Pesticides and solvents are some chemicals that can interfere with reproductive hormones in males, which can then affect the healthy production of sperm. One way that you may partially reduce exposure is soaking fruit and veg in brown vinegar for 20 minutes before eating them to remove pesticides from the exterior. Opting for organic produce can reduce exposure to unhealthy substances from farming and agricultural practices and opting for fish caught in pristine waters can reduce exposure to heavy metals and pollutants. Also be aware of plastic food and drink packaging and containers, as endocrine disrupting chemicals are released from certain plastics. Do your best to avoid proximity of mobile phones and other radiation emitting devices to the testicles.

6. Reduce or completely stop any recreational drugs

Recreational drugs, such as cannabis, are shown to affect sperm health. If you use recreational drugs it is greatly recommended that you reduce them significantly or stop altogether. Talk to your GP if you need confidential support for reducing recreational drugs.

7. Consider any influential factors that may affect you

Speak to your Doctor about how things such as your age and certain genetic disorders may influence and affect your chances of conceiving.

8. Ensure that you ejaculate frequently

When trying to conceive it is important to ejaculate regularly. The recommended amount is every 2-5 days to ensure the best sperm are used when trying to conceive.

Pre-conception Care For MenThese pre-conception tips for men will help in improving male fertility and assist in the healthy development of the child in utero. For further reference, we have made up this infographic that you can save to your phone for future reference. Please click on the image to enlarge and save.

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