Top Tips for Happy Healthy Bowels & Better Digestion

Top Tips for Happy Healthy Bowels & Better Digestion

better digestion30 Apr 2018

Being a little blocked up never feels good, BUT there are ways to naturally increase your chances of having really good bowel movement and better digestion. Here’s how!

1. Try acupressure (or acupuncture if you need a stronger effect)

Tips for Healthy Bowels - Image 2 - Hegu (LI-4)If you aren’t pregnant, use this acupressure point between your index finger and thumb, close to where the two fingers join (called Hegu or Large Intestine 4). It’ll help stimulate peristalsis to help get your bowels moving.






Tips for Healthy Bowels -Elbow PositionIf you are pregnant, try this acupressure point instead (called Large Intestine 10).





2. On waking, have warm water with the juice of ½ a lemon.

3. Keep hydrated, drink water and herbal tea. Aim for around 2 litres depending on your size and level of physical activity.
4. Keep active – walk or exercise for at least 30 mins per day (the movement helps your bowels to move too!).
5. Before meals, have 1-2 tsp apple cider vinegar in warm water to help stimulate the digestive system and support better digestion.
6. Add 2 tbs flaxseed or sunflower seed oils (organic and cold pressed) to all meals (including porridge). The seeds moisten and help move the bowels to give you better digestion
7. If the bowels are dry, try stewed pears. Stew 4 pears with 3 tbs honey, and eat first thing in the morning to help moisten the intestines.
8. Try bitter tea, like dandelion. This is an especially handy tip if you’ve found coffee to work in the past.
9. Make sure your diet is full of fibre, particularly water-soluble fibre foods. Think big bowls of steamed veggies, especially greens! Fibre is excellent for digestive health! We love this recipe by Teresa Cutter.
10. Try abdominal massage, using circular clockwise strokes around your abdomen. Ask me how if you’d like more info!
Try these tips to support your bowels and help yourself to have better digestion. And book in for an acupuncture appointment here if you’d like extra support.
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