Some tips about IVF treatments

Some tips about IVF treatments


11 Dec 2017

We’ve seen hundreds of IVF patients over the years and everyone wants the same thing…SUCCESS.  But how do we get this? Patients must navigate a sometimes tricky terrain of IVF treatment, which often involves a steep learning curve. Here are a few things we’ve learnt from patients and how they’ve achieved success. (In this case, success is making a baby, staying sane and healthy, and enriching the relationships you have around you while undergoing IVF treatments).

1. Choose a specialist carefully

Of course, you say. It’s like choosing someone to work with on a very special project. If you have specific fertility issues, choose someone who works a lot in this area, somewhere reasonably convenient to get to, and also try to choose a specialist that sounds like you share values. The first step to success is having a specialist who will keep you informed, understand your unique case and offer you the best care impossible.

2. Support the physical and emotional

In Chinese medicine, we see that physical body, mind and emotions are intrinsically linked and one can’t change with out impacting the other. If you’re taking IVF hormones and medication, it often can have physical (and emotional) side effects. Physical support can help with emotions, and emotional support can help with the physical. Physically keep healthy, and have a support team (friends, partner, practitioner, naturopath, acupuncturist) to keep you balanced and get the most out of the IVF cycle.

3. Keep your spirits up!

For many of my patients, relaxation and meditation are key to staying calm and positive. Some  patients say they also feel the calm they gain from acupuncture and yoga is key to being able to ride the IVF treatments rollercoaster. Decreasing stress can help keep perspective, a clear head and healthy relationships. I know this is much easier said than done. Make a list of what makes you happy – cooking, dog walks, sex, music, movies with friends, cuddle mornings with your partner, dancing in the loungeroom, afternoon naps. Pop these in your calendar! Stress doesn’t get busted by itself, but with a ‘can do’ attitude it can inject joy.

And please do access counsellors if you feel like the process is weighing you down. Mental health issues increase in severity the longer you’ve been undergoing IVF. Take precautions by giving your self support, cuddles and the love you need (and deserve).

I have many more tips but I feel like I’ve talked enough for now! If you’d like to know more about how acupuncture can support your IVF journey, other fertility issues, women’s health, or anything else at all, please don’t hesitate to book an appointment or email us at info@tonikahealth.com.au.