Should you exercise this winter?

Should you exercise this winter?

exercise25 Jun 2019

Today we’re writing about winter exercise. I hope you’re all well and keeping warm in this ever unpredictable weather! We’ve been hearing two things from a large bulk of our clients recently, and they relate to movement during winter…
1) almost everyone is or has been sick lately.
2) many have consequently dropped out of their exercise routines due to more aches and pains.

Sometimes, it can get a little confusing as to whether you should stop and rest, or continue with your usual routine. When you’re unwell, it’s oh so important to rest so that your body can heal as best, and as soon, as possible. So we are more than happy to hear when our clients have slowed down on their activity when sick. In today’s world, we often equate success to keeping busy and being on the go. It can be hard to ignore that pressure and actually slow down when needed. So well done on listening to your body if this is what you have been doing!

That being said, once rested and over the worst of illness, it’s also oh so important to get back into those beneficial habits of yours. The body is designed to heal from movement. Moderate exercise (i.e. reaching about 60-70% of your maximum heart rate) is crucial to feeling more like yourself again sooner. Essentially we would recommend some sort of movement to get that body moving if you’re hovering around the 70%+ wellness mark! Going for a walk is a lovely idea. It has the added benefit of Vitamin D from the sun if you go at the right time of day.

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