Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

morning-sickness12 May 2018

Morning sickness can be the worst! So we wanted to share with you what we’ve learnt about what can be an extremely debilitating, as well as at times, unexpected, for pregnant women. Sometimes, the smallest changes can make a difference, so we’re here to share these natural remedies for helping you cope with this condition.

What has commonly become known as ‘morning sickness’ can actually occur at all times of the day and night during pregnancy. IN FACT: Did you know that only approximately 17% of women experience nausea and vomiting that’s confined to the morning? In general, morning sickness usually begins around week 6 of pregnancy and can continue to week 16-20, but for some women it does last much longer.


There are many factors that are thought to contribute to whether or not a women suffers from morning sickness:

  • An increase in oestrogen
  • An increase in human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG)
  • Helicobacter pylori infection
  • Changes in blood sugar regulation
  • Changes in gastric transit times and rhythms
  • Psychosocial factors – perception of stress, level of support
  • Inadequate sleep/rest
  • Adaptation theory – by which the body may reject certain foods as a protective mechanism to prevent harm to mother and baby

For some women, nausea and vomiting can also be triggered just by specific foods – particularly if they’re strong smelling or tasting, as there’s a heighted sense of smell during pregnancy.

Okay, we know you’re probably feeling nauseous just reading about morning sickness, but guess what! There is actually a positive side. Studies have suggested that women who suffer from morning sickness are less likely to suffer a miscarriage than women who don’t. It’s also thought to be more common in women who are pregnant with girls than boys (although it does occur in both).

So, what can you do? While it’s quite individual in terms of food preferences, here are some key principles to help you minimise your morning sickness.

1. Eat smaller, more frequent meals
This will help to balance your blood sugar levels, preventing nausea from hypoglycaemia.

2. Don’t drink fluids with meals
Drink in between your meals to reduce the sensation of bloating and nausea.

3. Increase vitamin B6
Either through foods such as banana, sweet potato, chicken, turkey and whole grains, or through a supplement. It’s best to see your practitioner to purchase an activated B6 supplement, along with a great natal multi-vitamin. Not all brands are the same.

4. Incorporate ginger
Whether ginger tea, ginger chews, fresh ginger, powdered ginger or a ginger supplement. However you can take it, make sure you do!

5. Nap often
You have to remember that you are growing a baby, and while you may not yet look pregnant, the inside of your body already looks vastly different and needs a lot of rest and TLC. Don’t feel guilty saying no to things. Take time to sleep and look after yourself.

6. Support your liver
This will help to gently clear any excess hormones that may be making you feel unwell. Including things like dandelion root tea is a great place to start, or see your practitioner to discuss other herbal medicines that you could take.

7. Eat protein rich meals
This has been found to reduce gastric dysrhythmia (irregularities), which subsequently reduces nausea.

8. Listen to your body
If you have a food craving, eat it (within reason). If you feel tired, sleep. Your body is an incredibly intelligent and intuitive system, so don’t try to override it.

9. Try acupuncture or use acupressure bands for nausea
These work a treat! Our acupuncturist, Peter, specialises in women’s health. You can book in to see him here.

For some women, morning sickness can become extremely severe and may require hospitalisation, so while we think it’s great to do what you can at home, don’t ignore the warning signs if you think it’s getting too bad. Now over to you…have you suffered from morning sickness? Or know someone that has? Please share this blog with the pregnant mamas in your life, or let us know if you have any hot tips of your own!