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Myofascial dry needling resets tight muscles

Myofascial dry needling Surry Hills, Sydney

Myofascial or dry or trigger point needling is a technique where an acupuncture needle is inserted into specific points in muscles to relieve dysfunctional tight spots known as ‘trigger points’. You can usually feel these points yourself as ‘knots’.

It is called ‘dry needling’ because no substances are injected into the tissues in the process. While quite possibly inspired by it, dry needling is comparable to acupuncture only in a sense that tiny needles get inserted into the skin. Yet dry needling is not based on energy meridians from Chinese Medicine, but instead the anatomical and physiological basis for it is purely Western Medicine in nature.

Our massage therapist, Daniela, can make dry needling a part of your treatment. We completely understand that some people do not like needles and that is totally fine – you are 100% in charge. Yet if you are game, we encourage you to try dry needling. The results are very often immediate and provide noticeable relief.

In most muscles, the needling itself is not really painful. The insertion of the needle is so fast that most people don’t even feel it. Some patients may feel something similar to a tiny electrical shock; rarely patients may experience a slight cramping sensation. The ideal reaction is a minute and brief local ‘twitch’, which usually indicates a good response which you can appreciate straight after. We often describe it as hitting ‘control – alt – delete’ as a reset on a tight muscle.

Your therapist will answer any questions you may have and never talk you into anything you don’t want to do!

We only use sterile disposable needles.