How Correct Posture Can Boost Your Health!

How Correct Posture Can Boost Your Health!

boost-your-health25 Jan 2018

Hi all! We thought we’d put together a list of some handy hints on correct posture to help ensure you’re standing properly. A slumped posture can lead to a number of unwanted things, such as lethargy and headaches. As we always say – posture isn’t the problem, it’s the answer!

1. Stand as tall as you can
You should feel your abdominal muscles activate a bit when you do this. If not, do book in..!

2. Roll your shoulders
First roll them forward, then up, back and then down. This will position them further back, in their proper anatomical position.

3. Level your pelvis!
Most of us let our bums flick back without activating core or bum muscles (this can cause pain in lower back joints). Level your pelvis by tucking your bum in a little, again you will feel those abdominal muscles activate.

4. Walk with your head held high!
In reference to point no.1, whilst walking, try aiming your vision to the same level as the second storey of the Surry Hills buildings around you. (Unless you’re luckily only surrounded by trees…in that case, alter to look at bottom or top of tree plumage, depending on said tree’s height). Holding your head high, instead of looking to the ground, will take the pressure off soft tissues of the neck including discs and ligaments. By the way, it also makes you look more confident, thus more attractive….you’re welcome! 😉

Don’t let your posture slump and make you feel tired and unwell! Try our tips this week and see if they help you. The more times you go through them in a day, the better you’ll feel!

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