How Music Is Linked To Healing

How Music Is Linked To Healing

healingMusic is Medicine! 🎶

It was a strong belief in Ancient China that music had the power of healing. Chinese music, for example, uses a pentatonic scale, with five musical tones that are connected to the Five Elements (according to Chapter 5 of the Nei Jing Su Wen – an ancient classic of Chinese Medicine principles).

These Five Elements are in turn connected to the body’s five main internal organs. Please see below for correspondences between the Five Elements/organs/musical notes:


  • Zhi (Heart/Fire) – Key of G
  • Gong (Spleen/Earth) – Key of C
  • Shang (Lungs/Metal) – Key of D
  • Yu (Kidney/Water) – Key of A
  • Jue (Liver/Wood) – Key of E

Each of these sounds vibrate at different frequencies, creating unique sound waves and healing properties. Therefore, music has the ability to enhance circulation of the blood, balance energy systems and restore the health and wellbeing of the body, mind and spirit. Here is a link to Chinese healing music performed by Master Shen Wu. This music is based on the Wood tone (using a bamboo flute), which is perfect for balancing our Wood Element (Liver & Gallbladder) during Springtime 🌱

At tonika health, we are always playing different varieties of healing music during our sessions, such as the Weightless Album by Marconi Union. This album was developed by sound therapists and significantly reduces levels of stress and anxiety by up to 65%. You can listen to this album here.

Check out this Forbes article to learn more about this stress relieving album, which is also available on Spotify!

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