Gaining clarity and purpose with your health & Wellbeing

Gaining clarity and purpose with your health & Wellbeing

clarity health9 May 2020

It seems almost everybody is an expert on something these days, especially health & wellbeing, and almost anything can be found on the internet. So we thought we’d share some insights (personal and professional) about how to gain clarity, purpose and direction with your health…the sort of thing you can’t find on the internet.

How to Gain Clarity with Your Health & Wellbeing

As therapists, we are always looking at how we interact with our environment in daily life and how these impact our experience of health & wellbeing:


  • How and where we breathe when sitting, resting, standing, exercising, etc
  • How we move from left to right, front to back, side to side, up and down
  • Our stress levels and how they impact us
  • Our eating habits and how they affect our emotions
  • What the complaint or symptom is and where it’s coming from

Personally, we really benefit from some kind of structure when looking at these things. Over many years we’ve noticed the same for our clients too. It gives purpose and direction. Wondering what sort of ‘structure’ we’re talking about?

Here’s some suggestions of what to try daily:

  • Sit quietly for 5-10 minutes and focus on natural breath and body sensations; just observe what’s happening in your mind and body
  • Move your body…exercise, yoga, dance… anything really!
  • Eat nourishing food most of the time
  • Write things down and do them (aim for at least 3 things a day)
  • These practices will help and can assist with stress levels


clarity healthOf course, life is ever changing and it’s all about balance. We don’t need to do these things every single day. Take breaks and make changes depending on changing circumstances, goals or interests. And of course, we’re all different and your ‘structure’ may be different to ours.

The point is that having some sort of structure really helps to give you clarity in what you want to achieve with your health. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just keep it real and measurable.

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