An Extremely Powerful Self Care Method – Stomach Qi Line Massage

An Extremely Powerful Self Care Method – Stomach Qi Line Massage

Stomach Mu Point

16 Jan 2019

The Stomach Qi Line

This advice is passed down from one of the most revered Japanese Acupuncture Masters of the 20th century, Master Kiyoshi Nagano. And it is something that will serve us for the rest of our lives if practised regularly.

Eaten too much food? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Coming down with a cold? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to improve energy levels? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to lose weight? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to reduce ageing? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to improve your immunity? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to improve general health? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.
Want to reduce tension in the centre of the abdomen (at CV 12/Stomach Mu Point-see image above)? …treat the Stomach Qi Line.

“Please remember to go back to ‘Stomach Qi’”- Master Nagano.

These were some of the last words Master Nagano gave to his final apprentice prior to his passing in 2003. But what do they mean? These words stress the importance of stimulating a particular zone of the body (which has a connection to the stomach and digestive system). This will help optimise health, mainly because of the powerful effects that strengthening the stomach and digestive system have on the whole body.

This may make sense to an Acupuncturist following Master Nagano’s methods, but not so much to the everyday person…unless given the key. I’ve taught many of my clients the technique of massaging their ‘Stomach Qi Line’. I can show you next time you come in for an acupuncture treatment (for now, you can also check out the diagram and instructions below!). I like to call it ‘the treat-all of Acupuncture.’

How to massage the Stomach Qi Line

self care method - the stomach qi line

Use gentle or firm pressure from top to bottom. Knead out any of the lumps or tender areas that you find in the process. First, massage the left leg, then the right leg (the Master’s rules). Please do it daily for the next 30 days if you can. Then 3 times per week after that as maintenance. And remember to do it if you have eaten too much or feel discomfort in the stomach, or at times of indigestion.






Regulating the Stomach Mu (alarm) zone with Stomach Qi Line massage

stomach-qi-lineA very special effect created by massaging the Stomach Qi Line is the softening and regulating of the Acupuncture point/zone CV 12/Stomach Mu Point, which is located in the central mid-line of the abdomen between the umbilicus (belly button) and the ribcage. This zone is commonly tense, sore, swollen or blocked in many people as a result of improper diet, inadequate chewing with meals, emotional or mental stress, and various other reasons. When this area becomes blocked it creates a disorder in how Qi and information signals travel from the upper part of the body to the lower part of the body (through the abdomen) which creates disorder in the balance of the body and can lead to various symptoms. Stomach Qi Line massage is considered a powerful distal treatment (a treatment method that is performed somewhere in the body that affects another area in the body that is away from it) to soften and regulate the CV 12 zone, thus unblocking and bringing balance to a major thoroughfare of Qi flow through the abdomen from the upper to lower part of the body. Please see the image on the left which indicates the location of the Stomach Mu zone.

If you have found this blockage in your abdomen after self-assessment using light to moderate pressure in the region, we suggest that you follow our advice or daily Stomach Qi Line massage for one month and continue to assess yourself throughout the month to determine how much the region has softened and regulated. If, after one month of this self treatment method, you have not seen a resolution in your blockage we strongly recommend you have a series of acupuncture treatments to resolve the blockage.

Best of luck with it and let me know how you go! Again, if you have any questions and would like to get in contact with me, please email me at peter@tonikahealth.com.au, or book an appointment directly here. I hope you enjoy this powerful self care method!
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