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Stress Relief and Energy Levels

Do you often experience stress? Constantly tired? A bit anxious? So many of us are. It’s a modern affliction. tonika health can help. We offer a wide range of support to help you feel better in the short and long term.

What can tonika do for your Stress Relief and Energy Levels?

Acupuncture for Stress Relief

Acupuncture has shown a positive effect in anxiety. It aims to balance the forces of yin and yang, and achieve harmony, balance and peace with in the physiological and energetic systems of the body. You’ll hear many people describe acupuncture as being relaxing, calming and stress relieving…all the while leaving you with newfound energy.

Remedial Massage

Ever noticed how being in pain or feeling unwell is really exhausting and how this affects your mood? The remedial massages that tonika health specialises in can effectively relieve problems from tightness, pain or injury, and have the knock-on effect of increasing your energy levels and relieving stress.


Naturopathy and nutrition

Naturopathy and nutrition can also be a great help. A nutritious diet provides foundational support for you to function at best, experience optimal energy and bounce back during difficult times. During periods of fatigue and stress, our body’s burn through more nutrients than usual. We can help you through such times with realistic, simple dietary advice to help replace the nutrients you may lack. We may also prescribe various supplements or herbs, which have been shown to help improve energy and relieve stress, anxiety and depression with results equal to pharmaceutical drugs, but without the side effects. We’ll help you find out what works for you. Let us rebalance your mind and body, and boost your energy and ability to deal with stress.

Lifestyle support

A personal plan can give you what you need to achieve your goals, whether those are exercise, stillness or a healthier attitude, as well as simple yet effective stress management tools. We’ll help you stay on track by setting goals and checking on your progress, with a shared aim of achieving the best outcome possible.

``I first consulted Daniela in 2004 on a stomach issue, having found no resolution through mainstream medicine. I then went to her again in early 2007, having suffered balance and fatigue problems for three years. The vertigo had baffled a range of doctors, neurosurgeons and hearing and balance specialists. On both occasions, by taking a holistic approach, she diagnosed the cause and reversed the problem. By recommending dietary changes and improvements to my work practices and posture, Daniela has also provided me with a way of managing my health on an ongoing basis.``

- Robyn Wheeler