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Bad posture in front of a computer or laptop is common - and responsible for a lot of pain and wear and tear. We can help you resolve the problems you get from this and other posture mistakes.

Dane Chew – Massage Therapist

Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy, Reflexology, Relaxation & Sports Massage

Over Dane’s 12+ years in the industry as a massage therapist, he has formed a unique style that consists of Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Trigger Point Therapy and Reflexology techniques, which he combines for his clients based on their individual needs. Dane caters for all massage requirements (remedial, general, sports, and relaxation) of his clients, however, if you are specifically seeking a firm massage, make sure you book in for an appointment with Dane!

Dane’s journey into the healing professions, started at the early age of 6, where he started to realise his potential with his innate massage skills, practicing on family members and friends, and cultivating and developing those skills throughout his formative years, culminating in studies at the Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies in his adult years. From there, he never looked back. With most of Dane’s family working in the health industry since he was born, you might say Dane was destined to be in the healing professions.

Dane is also an experienced fitness instructor who uses a wholistic approach at targeting specific needs for his clients, and frequently provides therapeutic exercise recommendations for his massage clients, which assists them in their healing journey.

Dane believes in communication and empathy toward his clients to find the right solution in correcting body ailments.

When Dane is not at tonika health, you will find him doing strength training at the gym, spending time with family and friends, or relaxing with his 3 cats.

Qualifications / Health Fund Rebate 

Certificate and Diploma of Massage,  Raynor College of Massage & Natural Therapies

As Dane’s studies were conducted at a boutique international massage school that is not an Australian government accredited massage school, we, unfortunately, cannot provide health fund rebates with his services.

We specifically selected Dane to be a therapist at tonika health for his outstanding massage ability and therapeutic outcomes, and assure you of the quality of his services.