Nina Kingsford-Smith - Nutritionist at tonika health

Nina Kingsford-Smith – Nutritionist

Nutritionist | Helping you find your happy place with food

Update: Nina is not taking on new clients, therefore you won’t find appointments with her in our online booking system. If you’re an existing client or would like to see Nina for help with your relationship with food or disordered eating, please email nina@tonikahealth.com.au or call us on 9211 3329 and we can organise an online consultation for you.

We also highly recommend other members of our team to support your health holistically – our acupuncturist Peter for acupuncture, and our massage therapists Eiko and Dane  for massage.

Thank you for understanding!

Nina’s major passion lies in helping you foster a happy healthy relationship with food. She’s a strong believer that it’s not just what you eat, but also your emotions, thoughts and behaviours surrounding food that matter.

Are you overwhelmed or confused by all of the conflicting nutrition advice out there?
Do you use words like ‘good’ or ‘bad’ to describe food?
Do you fear or avoid certain foods?
Are you always trying out the latest health trends or diets?
Do you experience anxiety, shame or guilt around food?
Do you constantly think about the calorie content of foods?
Do you restrict yourself around food, eat in secret, over eat or binge eat?
Do you use foods to feel less lonely, less stressed or to avoid other emotions?

Nina will help show you that it doesn’t have to be this way. By taking a holistic approach with not only nutritional support but also various lifestyle techniques and recommendations, Nina will help you create long lasting changes – physically, mentally and emotionally.

Nina also loves that specific foods and nutrients can be used therapeutically to support our bodies and minds in certain ways. She understands that we’re all different, with different taste preferences and circumstances, and loves working with you to create recommendations that are realistic and that you’ll enjoy. With a Bachelor of Health Science majoring in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine, Nina knows the scientific and traditional evidence behind this information; the specific preparation methods and doses; and when to, and when not to, prescribe certain nutrients and foods depending on your unique situation.

How Nina can help you
With a special interest in disordered eating, Nina will work with you to help you find your happy place with food and with yourself. It’s important to work with disordered eating soon, before these habits become diagnosable eating disorders. But no matter what stage you’re at (‘disordered eating’ or ‘eating disorder’), Nina is here to help. These things are often tied up with anxiety and stress, and these are other passion areas of Nina’s. Nina can help you to:

  • Address disordered eating patterns and habits – regardless of whether you’ve been diagnosed with an eating disorder or not. These may include overeating, binge eating, restricting food, compensatory behaviours including purging or excessive exercise, body image concerns, repetitive dieting, a fixation with counting calories or weighing food, and orthorexia (an obsession with only eating ‘healthy’ food).
  • Address anxiety, stress and any other co-existing health concerns.
  • Navigate the confusing world of nutrition and ‘healthy eating’ – learn to dismantle rules around food, and instead build your confidence and trust in making your own decisions around food.
  • Look beyond just what you eat – and also consider your thoughts, feelings and behaviours around food. Here, Nina often incorporates mindful eating practices.
  • Take a holistic and individualised approach – by going beyond nutrition to incorporate various lifestyle aspects to help you create realistic, enjoyable and long lasting changes – physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ll also take into account your unique goals, challenges, likes and dislikes, history and circumstances.
  • Find your happy place with food and develop a way of eating that truely works for you.

Many of you already know Nina as our fabulous clinic operations manager. She’s been with us for over 4 years and we’ve loved seeing her grow and learn, all the while being kindly mentored by Daniela. We’re so excited that she’s our very own nutritionist!

Aside from this, Nina also loves getting creative in the kitchen and feeding her loved ones, writes a blog named healthy happenings which is dedicated to nourishing foods and living (we highly recommend her DIY vegemite!), enjoys getting outdoors and being surrounded greenery, and is one of the main contributors to our newsletter. 

Health Funds

Nina is a registered provider with all health funds that offer rebates for nutrition consultations.

Nina has the following qualifications

BHSc (NutDMed)

Nina is a fully accredited member of

ANTA – Australian Natural Therapies Association (member no. 15730)

ANTA is the largest national democratic association of ‘recognised professional’ traditional, complementary medicine and natural therapies practitioners established for over 60 years who work in health care and preventative medicine.

ANRAT – Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists

ANRAT is the professional register of accredited natural therapists. ANRAT is a multi-disciplinary register created to protect public interest and safety through the maintenance of minimum standards in education and practice.

CMPAC – Complementary Medicine Practitioner Associations Counsil

CMPAC maintains a register of accredited complementary medicine practitioners who meet the high uniform national registration standards.