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Hot Stone Therapy

What is Hot Stone Therapy?

If your muscles are tense, but you don’t like the idea of vigorous deep tissue treatment, then a hot stone massage could be just the thing. Smooth, heated basalt stones are placed on specific muscles or areas of the body to warm the skin and muscles, and the effect is deeply relaxing.

How does it work?

Flat and smooth basalt stones, (made of volcanic rock) are heated to a nourishing temperature and then carefully placed onto specific points or area of the body to help melt tension and troubles away. The heated stones are glided over muscle groups in rhythmic sequence combined with hand and elbow massage techniques to relieve whole body tension. Smaller stones may be placed between the toes or left at the palms to soothe nervous tension.

Who is it for?

The purpose of hot stone therapy is to deeply affect the muscle fibers with heat to improve blood circulation and flow of energy in the body. The therapeutic properties of hot stone massage makes it a perfect treatment for those wanting to loosen tight muscles and relieve aching bones, making it a suitable treatment for those suffering from arthritis and multiple sclerosis. Additional to the healing effects of heat, Hot stone therapy has a balancing effect on the chakra energetic points of the body, making it a great treatment for those with anxiety or emotional imbalances.

What should I expect?

Hot stone treatments are usually 60-90 minutes or and are performed while you are lying on a massage table covered with towels, or a light sheet. Therapeutic Massage oils are used to help glide stones along the body to enhance the experience.


Booking a Hot Stone Therapy Session

If you are looking for Hot Stone Therapy in Surry Hills please visit our booking page. Please note that Hot Stone Therapy is only available with Renee. Please mention in your notes with your booking that you would like to have hot stone therapy included in your massage session. Renee is available only on Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

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